Fun at the Circus

Fun at the Circus is a fun game for kids!

4 stars on App Store

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This circus game includes four different game types ( puzzle, jigsaw puzzle,stickers and dress the clown). Each game is design to make you kids happy!

* The puzzle game include 6 different full size puzzle piece games
* The stickers game includes a lot of different stickers to play with
* Dress the clown includes a lot of different things to dress the clown with
* Jigsaw puzzle game include a lot of different jigsaw puzzles and a lot of clowns and animals

No matter where you are, your kid will be able to keep his/her mind occupied. This is a kids games that you won’t forbid your kid to play. It is both easy and challenging. How is that possible? Well, each slide has a totally different set of animals and objects but the principle behind the game is the same in every slide.

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