Fun for Toddlers 2

Fun for Toddlers 2 - A fun animal and sound puzzle

Fun for Toddlers is back! The Fun for Toddlers 2, is an educational and entertaining game.

This is the sequel to the popular puzzle Fun for Toddlers, it has fun sounds and unique puzzle games your kids will love.

If your child loves to explore the outer space, oceans and other exciting place, this game is for you!
Now with more colorful and intriguing characters, funny and delightful sounds, Fun for Toddlers 2 will surely tickle your little tots with such excitement while learning all the while. In Fun for Toddlers 2, your kids will enjoy solving puzzles in cool places such as in police stations, underwater, circus, outer space, and more!

There are plenty of different puzzles to keep your child busy and engaged while learning. As the new Fun for Toddlers 2 is simple and intuitive, your little one will have lots of fun for hours! And the best part, this educational game will help your toddler improve in problem solving, logical and cognitive skills.



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