Insects Puzzle

This game for kids is all about insects and bugs.

4 stars on App Store

Insects PuzzleApp Store4
This new puzzle game is both exciting and fun for toddlers with its colorful puzzle pieces and sounds.


There are 24 different insects to choose from and four different levels of difficulty.


Your child will have a blast playing this game while learning all about insects and bugs.


This game is suitable to children of all ages. If your child thinks insects are interesting then this is a jigsaw puzzle for you. Your child will totally enjoy playing with bugs, flies, spiders, grasshoppers, butterflies and more. A total of 24 different insects to entertain your little ones and the entire family.


This game is free to download and some of the puzzles are also free to play. If you like the insects puzzle and want to play all puzzles, then you have to unlock the full puzzle game from inside the app.

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