Work puzzle – maze & dress up

Work Puzzle is the best game on the market for teaching kids, preschoolers, and toddlers about different type of professions. With a unique design that combines puzzles, dress up, and mazes all in one app – it’s guaranteed to help your kids better understand what role each profession plays in the modern society and become smarter.

Work Puzzle lets your kids select their own character from a list of predesigned characters. Play the game as a female or a male character, help them get ready for their profession by solving the matching puzzle and dressing them up, and sending them off to their work by finding the way through a maze. With designs vibrant with amazing colors, and an easy to use UI – it’s one of the best learning apps for smart kids and preschoolers.

The game is designed to be kid friendly, and filled with cute characters and amazing background music. Kids and toddlers can learn about different professions as they dress them up. With an intelligent gameplay design that helps kids understand what they are doing, it allows them to use their logic and critical thinking abilities to solve different puzzles. Helping their characters dress up, assembling their vehicles, and finally finding their way through mazes – the game will allow your kids or preschoolers to solve puzzles on their own and learn about what people with different professions do the society.

• Kid friendly design
• Choose your own character and profession
• Both male and female characters of different ethnicity available for selection
• Easy to use and understand UI
• Simple gameplay – just drag and drop
• Designed to help kids use logic to finish the game
• Unlockable professions

Work Puzzle is one of the best learning apps for toddlers, and you can use it as a preschool learning tool to help your kids realize how different professions contribute to the society – all the while making sure that they enjoy the entire learning process. With clever combination of dress up, puzzle solving, and mazes to help them reach the end of the process, it is the perfect app for teaching your kids about different professions.
Download Work Puzzle today, and help your kids get smarter with a fun and memorable learning experience.